Our Story

Est. 2023

We worked on the development of a one-stop fashion online store. Dealing with diverse clients and consistently offering quality jewelry, we continue to strive for the best of what we can be, in order to satisfy each client with purpose.

Now, we continue to build our foundation of legitimacy by starting differently from how other online stores operate.

Our Passion

It has always been our passion to innovate and deliver aesthetically-pleasing and reliable jewelry to women. Upon the establishment of strong relationships with some of the best international suppliers, we have engaged in limiting fast fashion and helping the Earth.

Our Values

Some of our key values include:

  • Integrity: We treat every person with integrity and respect. In fact, we believe that it is the right of every person to be treated with respect. Therefore, we have made it a motto to embed integrity in all of our practices. Whenever we are dealing with our clients and customers, we make sure to establish respectful communication. 

  • Commitment: We are committed to the delivery of quality jewelry products. Therefore, we are always invested in improving our processes and our offerings. After all, we want to satisfy you because we care for you. We also believe that without customer satisfaction, it is not possible for us to be successful. Therefore, we keep your requirements and expectations in focus. 


Our mission is to be your first choice whenever you want to purchase sustainable jewelry. 

At the same time, we aim to create an environment where jewelry has a lesser impact to the environment. Moreover, through our humble brand we strive to make a healthy workspace for our colleagues in making Lauson's a significant brand in the industry. Through our passionate jeweler's, and an eager marketing team, we look forward into how 2023 will treat us.

Our Earth

Even prior to the brand, we always cared for sustainability. Where possible, all of our packaging is designed from recyclable and sustainable materials. From ethically sourcing materials to the delivery of our products, we ensure sustainability in all of our practices.